Part 2: How To Stylishly Display Your Pressed Bridal Bouquet

How To Stylishly Display Your Pressed Bridal Bouquet - DBandrea
How To Stylishly Display Your Pressed Bridal Bouquet - DBandrea

Your pressed flower bouquet is finally here and although you’ve looked forward to seeing your piece for months, now you're struggling with how to display it. In a previous post, our Bud Drew gave us tips on how to display your pressed bridal bouquet and truly make it pop. Just as there are many ways to design your piece, there are many different ways to display it!

So, welcome to part two!

Unless you have a large piece, you’ll want to avoid displaying your preserved bouquet on a blank wall that is way too large for it. Your wall will only make your piece look smaller. This is one reason gallery walls are so popular.

A Pop of Color

Black and white is a classic for a reason. If you are leaning towards a gallery wall, this is a beautiful way to add a POP of color to your wall! Picture your colorful, preserved bouquet in the center surrounded by black and white photos of some of the most precious moments you and your spouse have shared. For extra attention to your preserved piece, consider a double-matted frame in Black Tie.

Remember that a pop of color doesn’t necessarily mean that the rest of your gallery wall has to consist of black and white photos in black frames. Neutral tones and earthy colors have been an ongoing trend for some time now. I can’t wait to see a neutral gallery wall! If you’re having a boho or beach wedding, a neutral gallery wall may be perfect to display your wedding photos. Consider a Naturelle background for your piece framed in a Beachwood frame and then surround the piece with frames featuring the colors of nature.

How To Stylishly Display Your Pressed Bridal Bouquet - DBandrea

Fill up an Art Shelf

A gallery wall can be a lot of work and let’s face it, it’s not for everyone. Another option is a trend I keep seeing which involves completely skipping the hammer and nails when it comes to your piece. Installing a few floating shelves to display all of your art may be a great option if you like to redesign your space often or if you have more than just frames to display. All of the little souvenirs you picked up during your honeymoon can be displayed on your art shelf right alongside your wedding flowers!

When you are ready to switch it up, redesigning your space will be just as simple. It’s also worth mentioning that when you use shelves to display art, you don’t have to worry so much about matching all of the displayed frames. Mismatched frames in different colors and textures will only add personality to your display. This will make this corner of your home one your guests will immediately be drawn to!

But WHERE should I display my preserved bridal piece?

The living room is probably the place most of our brides place their preserved bridal art. If you’re sentimental, there may be a few other places that would be perfect for you. The dining room may not be the first place you have in mind to display art but it is where your family comes together. Whether it is your children, extended family, or friends you are sharing the table with, they’ll see a beautiful reminder of the day that started it all!

I’ve also seen many of our brides taking their mini pieces into the bedroom or their home office. Here at the office, we LOVE that idea!

But I do have to admit that lately, I’ve also been thinking about how beautiful a larger piece might look above the headboard and how meaningful the display could be. After all, your bedroom is the most intimate part of your home. It’s where you and your spouse wake up together to conquer each day. It’s where you both meet to comfort and hold each other every night. This is where happily ever after begins on a daily basis. Why not have your preserved bridal bouquet remind you of your vows each day?

How To Stylishly Display Your Pressed Bridal Bouquet - DBandrea

Final Tips

Wherever you decided to place your piece, be sure it stays away from direct sunlight. Sunlight has the potential to damage art, including your preserved flowers. Another thing to keep in mind is that in direct sunlight, your art can appear lighter/darker and if your piece does not have Art Glass, your guests will see a glare across your piece when they try to admire it.

As I mentioned before, there are SO many different ways you can design your piece! Next on the blog, we’ll take a look at some of our favorite and most popular choices in design. From selecting the perfect background, orientation, background, and my personal favorite- all of the extra sentimental details in the piece itself!

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P.S. At dbandrea, the only thing that makes us happier than receiving your gorgeous flowers each week is seeing how proudly you display your preserved bouquet! *happy tears* Seriously, we love it! When you’ve found the perfect spot for your piece, don’t forget to send us a photo! Send your styled photos to and you'll receive a special code for 15% off our shop as a gift for warming our hearts this winter!

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