The Perfect Match: Our Most Popular Design Combinations

Pressed Bouquet Preservation - DBandrea

Every week, our team has the opportunity to admire many different bouquets from across the country. The best part is seeing the process come full circle!

Elements like framing and background choices truly make a difference in how your finished piece looks. Our artists pour their hearts into the floral design but it’s you who gets to add the final elements that will complement your piece and make it uniquely yours.

We’d love to share with you some of the most popular design combinations, those that have us swooning week after week.

Customer Favorite: Beachwood Frame

The best part about this neutral frame is EVERYTHING. The floral variations that work with this frame are endless. Whether you have a classic white bouquet with greenery, a wild and bold bohemian bouquet, or soft pastel roses, this frame will work for you!

Our Favorite Combo: Naturelle Background in a Double Matted Beachwood Frame

Our Naturelle background has been a house favorite AND a customer favorite since it was introduced. Naturelle's best feature is it’s subtle but gorgeous texture. Like the Beachwood frame, this neutral background also works with all florals. Gals, this is a combination you can’t go wrong with!

Pressed Bouquet Preservation - DBandrea

Customer Favorite: Champagne Frame

With a touch of glam, our Champagne frame is a bestseller because much like our Beachwood frame, it is a neutral tone that looks great with all types of flowers.

Our Favorite Combo: White Background in a Champagne Frame

White will always be a classic background that will easily pair with any frame. We especially love it in Champagne because it allows for no distractions. Your florals are the center of attention and you can clearly see the shape of your bouquet. The frame complements bold florals perfectly and adds a touch of glam and class without stealing the spotlight.

Pressed Bouquet Preservation - DBandrea

Customer Favorite: Black Tie

Our black tie frame is popular because it will seamlessly fit in with almost all existing decor and it looks great in both unmatted and matted variations.

Our Favorite Combo: Black Background in a Black Tie Frame

Can there ever be too much black? Absolutely not and this combination proves it. This design combination along with light-colored flowers help to create a sophisticated and modern look we just can't seem to take our eyes off of. We also love the way greenery glows against the black background.

Pressed Bouquet Preservation - DBandrea

Customer Favorite: Barnwood Frame

For those looking for a rustic or nautical theme, Barnwood is the perfect choice! If neither of those are your style you can still make Barnwood work for your home. This frame has a way of making purples and pinks pop!

Our Favorite Combo: Navy Background in a Barnwood Frame

Our Navy background is probably the most popular when it comes to colored backgrounds and we absolutely love to see it paired with our Barnwood Frame. The colors complement each other so well and brings out contrasting colors even more!

Customer Favorite: Walnut Frame

Our popular Walnut frame draws your eyes towards purple, pinks and reds! Bold colors are even more enhanced when framed in Walnut. The red tones in the frame also help bring out the greens in your piece, making this a great choice for brides who want to have a variety of textures included in their choice of greenery.

Our Favorite Combo: Walnut Frame Minis

Our favorite walnut pieces would have to be the sets! Thankfully, this combination is a popular one. How adorable are these 5x5 minis! They are the perfect addition to your office, your nightstand, or to gift!

Pressed Bouquet Preservation - DBandrea

Customer Favorite: White Tie Frame

Our White Tie frame is timeless and pure. Orchids, Protea and bouquets with tons of greenery look especially great, but this is a frame you simply can not go wrong with. Like our Black Tie frame, it will easily fit in with your existing decor but there are several ways you can make it stand out.

Our Favorite Combo: Colorful background in a White Tie Frame

Our White frame is the perfect frame to experiment with! Pictured to the left is our Charcoal background in our White Tie frame. If you know you want to go with a different background, our White Tie will frame it nicely! That being said, we are so excited to say that we've introduced 5 new backgrounds!

We hope you know that at each step, whether we are pressing your flowers or designing your piece, we are celebrating YOU! We know how much your preserved piece means to you which is why we want to make sure you love every aspect of it. If you have any questions in regards to design, email us at We are happy to help!

P.S. Want to share your piece? We LOVE seeing your framed piece in its’ new home! Don’t forget to share your photos with us at or tag us on Instagram

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