How to Stylishly Display Your Wedding Photos and Pressed Bouquet in Your Home

Pressed Wedding Bouquet Preservation - DBandrea

It’s a few months after the big wedding day and now your wedding photos are coming back from the photographer and your pressed wedding bouquet is being shipped from the Designs by Andrea studio. So now comes the biggest question since the are you going to stylishly display your wedding photos and pressed bouquet in your home? Let’s take a look at a few classic ways to display your wedding keepsakes that will seamlessly fit in with your decor.

A Designer’s Guide to Displaying Your Wedding Photos and Pressed Bouquet

Since this is my first blog post, let me take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Drew, but you can think of me as your Flower “Bud” on the dbAndrea team. My background is in design, and I have helped amazing women like you coordinate their events, decorate their homes, and curate beautiful collections. I am so happy to be joining you on your wedding journeys!

Once you get all the photos and the pressed flowers back from your wedding day, you will be excited and want to display everything. But, it can quickly become a challenge to find the perfect spot in the home you now share for each item. Let’s look at 4 easy ways to display your wedding photos and pressed bridal bouquet.

Create a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a great option if you want to show off a lot of wedding photos. Consider using a long wall in a hallway, the entryway, or the wall up the stairs. Remember, most of your photos will be smaller sizes like 5x7 or 8x10. You want to make sure this is a wall in your home where guests are able to walk up and look at the photos. If you hang your gallery wall behind the sofa or bed, for example, it will be hard to really see smaller pictures.

If you are worried about maintaining a cohesive space with your gallery wall, consider having your photos printed in black and white. Hang your bright pressed bouquet in the center to create a stunning focal point. The dbAndrea team will ensure your pressed flowers hold a stunning color with 7 refined pressing techniques and color enhancement.

Pressed Wedding Bouquet Preservation - DBandrea

Disburse Items Around Your Home

If a gallery wall doesn’t call to you, another great option is disbursing your photos and pressed flowers throughout different rooms in the house. For example, you could hang your large framed bouquet and first look photo in your entryway to see it every time you come home and you could display a mini flower pressing and first kiss photo on your nightstand to see before you go to bed.

Another option is to display your framed bouquet pressing near your vanity. Add an acrylic ring stand to your pressed bridal package to hold your wedding ring and relive the feeling of getting ready for your special day every morning.

Pressed Wedding Bouquet Preservation - DBandrea

Make Sure Your Framing Choices Match Your Home Decor

When choosing framing options for your wedding photos and pressed bouquet, it is great to match your wedding colors but also make sure that the frames and mats match your home decor.

The dbAndrea studio has expanded all of our framing options with an in house frame artist. We use gallery quality art glass and the latest preservation methods to ensure your flowers are protected. Choose from simple black frames, rustic wood, or trendy metallics. With 8 mats and 10 frames to choose from, we will be able to match your wedding colors and tie in with your home style.

Pressed Wedding Bouquet Preservation - DBandrea

Incorporate Natural Elements

If you choose to display your pressed bouquet on a shelf, consider bringing in other natural elements to add texture and color. How beautiful would it be to see your pressed bouquet next to a vase of your favorite fresh-cut flowers?

Pressed Wedding Bouquet Preservation - DBandrea

Hope you enjoyed these tips from your Flower “Bud”! Everyone on the dbAndrea team is here to help you preserve the memories of your amazing day.

Still, need to book your bridal bouquet pressing? We recommend booking as soon as you know your wedding date to ensure availability. Get your date and we can always help with the design decisions later!

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