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DBA Team - DBandrea

Just a few months ago, we were heading into meetings to discuss different opportunities for dbandrea and had started thinking about where we might find the perfect location for our new office space. For those of you who might be new here, we’re a small business working out of Andrea’s home and yet, the team refers to the house as headquarters. That’s because we like to dream big. Although Covid-19 halted many of our business plans and blurred some of the visions we had for our future. These unfortunate circumstances have taught us many lessons but two have stuck out to us the most. The first being that we should always be prepared to adjust and adapt to keep up with the challenges that arise. The second lesson we’ve learned is to never stop dreaming. Regardless of how difficult and uncertain things may be now, brighter days are surely ahead and we should prepare for better days too! When we look at the bright side, it's even harder to believe that a year ago, we were welcoming Chandler, our 4th team member at the time and yet in the middle of this, we have still been able to grow. While Covid-19 has affected our plans, we're lucky to have a team that is always up for a challenge. When you book with us, chances are most, if not all of our team members have been a part of the process. So, read below and meet the dbandrea team. We are so grateful for each and every one of our team members and all that they’ve brought to the company!

DBA Founder Andrea Castaneda - DBadrea

Andrea, Founder & Lead Designer

Even before starting her own business, Andrea loved the arts and loved experimenting with different mediums as a child. She is naturally a dreamer so when the opportunity arose to take her hobby full-time, she took it and ran. Andrea's favorite part about her job is creating art that lets couples relive their special day. Her hobbies currently involve experimenting with resin. Once she's got it down, she will surely look for other projects to begin experimenting with as her hobbies tend to become part of her job. Some of her favorite flowers include, anemones, hellebores, roses, and orchids.

Dede, Operations Manager  Dede is the “Mom” at dbandrea. As our operations manager, Dede also helps keep the team focused and prepared. Her favorite flowers are stargazer lilies due to their amazing fragrance. She is also a phenomenal cook. We hope our next collaboration is designing Dede’s Cookbook so we can all enjoy its goodness! Dede was Andrea's supervisor in her former role and has always been a great leader. Her past experience in the corporate world and even opening her own salon at a young age has helped her build experience we can all continue to learn from. We are so lucky to have her on board!

DBA Team - DBandrea

Irene, Production Artist and Graphic Designer The sweet and uber-talented, Irene, joined our team in January. Her favorite part about her job is getting to work with another incredible designer to create a one-of-a-kind heirloom out of a bride’s beautiful bouquet. As our graphic designer, Irene created beautiful graphics for our new online store as well as a gorgeous spread to be published in a local magazine soon! We swoon over her gorgeous bridal pieces as well as her graphic designs daily! Irene loves coffee and has a coffee mug collection that continues to grow as much as her love for a latte.

Chandler, Customer Service Coordinator If you’ve ever reached out to us on Instagram, via email, or over the phone, chances are, you’ve already met Chandler. Along with her customer service role, she also creates our content on TikTok and assists in other special projects as well. Chandler also loves volunteering and is a member of the Junior League of Dallas. She loves animals and is super excited about her current project which involves volunteering at the Dallas Zoo.

DBA Team - DBandrea

Dalia, Production Coordinator Although I was originally hired for a day during the busy market season in 2018, I became our first full-time employee in January of 2019. I help manage our pressing team, our online stores, and I also write our blog! (Thank you for reading!) My favorite blog post to date was our Covid-19 Wedding post because I had the opportunity to hear from some of our brides who were directly impacted by the pandemic. Their love stories were so beautiful and I’m grateful to have been able to share their stories for us all to be inspired by.

Alondra, Bloomer Alondra was our first bloomer on board! She loves the pressing process as well as what we refer to as the de-pressing process which involves taking flowers out of the presses. If we ever come across an instance where we need to use flowers from our inventory, we have a pressed flower “library” managed by Alondra, where we can find just about any flower. Alondra’s favorite pressed flowers are Hydrangeas, Dahlias, Roses, and Carnations.

DBA Team - DBandrea

Malaya, Bloomer Malaya helps our pressing team and also takes care of sealing all bridal pieces! She finds both the de-pressing and sealing aspects of her job relaxing. Her favorite pressed flowers are sunflowers and when her special day comes, she’d love to add a lotus to her bouquet! Malaya just graduated from high school and received an Associate's degree in Science upon graduation because she actually started college at 14! We are so glad to have Malaya this summer and know she will do great things at Texas Tech this fall!

DBA Team - DBandrea

Victoria, Bloomer Victoria joined our team as part of the pressing team. She also really enjoys the de-pressing process and finds it both relaxing and satisfying. Since quarantine began, she has found artistic projects to focus on including drawing, painting, and practicing calligraphy! Victoria just graduated from high school and is looking into a possible career in the culinary arts!

Sabrina, Special Projects Coordinator Originally from San Diego, CA, Sabrina is our newest team member and is also newly engaged! She helped us design and launch our new website and is always ready to dive into the next task at hand. Aside from helping us with special projects, she also enjoys de-pressing We can’t wait to see her beautiful wedding bouquet which will likely include some of her favorite flowers: Ranunculus, Roses, Anemones, Dahlias, and lots of greenery!

Lupita, Marketing Coordinator One of the most organized and focused women ever, Lupita is an awesome marketer. She creates beautiful presentations and is amazing when it comes to getting things done. Lupita and Andrea are childhood friends! Her favorite flowers are pink orchids.

Justin, Business Advisor More than Andrea's beloved boyfriend, Justin is also our unofficial business advisor! He's the reason Dbandrea came about and he makes sure Andrea continues to pursue her passion despite her fear of the unknown. We've implemented many of his suggestions and in doing so have had the opportunity to grow the business as well as our reach.

DBA Team - DBandrea

Motley, Chief Visionary Officer The only things Motley loves more than his job are naps and cheese puffs. He understands the importance of a positive work-life balance and spends the majority of his day in his dreams. He isn’t lazy and shouldn’t be mistaken as such- he’s simply dreaming up dbandrea’s next move. His visions have won him, Employee of the Month, multiple months in a row.

DBA Team - DBandrea

Shelby, Chief Security Officer A natural leader, Shelby is the strong female role model we all need. She is dedicated, smart, alert and passionate about her job and is always looking out for the team. Motley and Sig are exemplary employees because they have a great leader to guide them. Shelby enjoys running around the yard and helping her fellow co-workers stay focused and inspired. In her spare time, she enjoys naps and spending time with her favorite co-workers, Motley, and Sig.

DBA Team - DBandrea

Sig, Intern + Quality Inspector Our adorable intern of 8 months has grown so much since joining our team. (Literally!) Although at times he can be the co-worker that doesn’t know when it’s time to get back to work, when he is focused, it is obvious that he is determined to obtain a major leadership role one day. During his time with us, Sig has enjoyed his internship and has since been offered a full-time position assisting the pressing team as the Quality Inspector. His favorite days are Monday and Tuesday because he gets to sniff all of the beautiful blooms that arrive each week to ensure they are ready to press!

Believe me when I say our team is SO excited to serve you, hear your special stories, and preserve your special memories. We love getting to know each of you and will continue to push forward in all aspects of our business to continue serving you. Thank you for coming along for the ride!

P.S. Do you have a blog post idea or a story you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you! Email us at:

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