The #1 Most Popular Wedding Month - It’s No Longer June! 

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Do you have any guesses at what the most popular wedding month is now? For decades, it has been June. Even up until 2002, The Old Farmer’s Almanac reported that June was the most popular month to marry, followed by August, July, May, and September. The tradition of a June wedding actually dates back as far as the Romans. This is because the month is named for the goddess Juno, who was seen as the protector of women through marriage

Well, step aside Juno, because modern brides are shaking things up and planning for a wedding season that is much cooler. The most recent wedding trend is selecting dates in the fall. Over 78 percent of all weddings take place between May to October. The fall wedding season now actually overtakes the summer season, with 40% of couples planning ceremonies in cooler months. In fact, Pinterest's 2017 wedding report found that searches for fall weddings were up 280%.

So if fall is now the most popular wedding season, what is the most popular month?

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The Most Popular Wedding Month

The most popular wedding month is now October! This trend is still relatively new, as October dates have only become popular in the last few years. However, brides are gravitating to the month that is known for changing leaves, cooler temperatures, and all things pumpkin spice. The top three wedding dates of 2019 actually took place in October. They were October 7th, 14th, and 21st. While you may have gotten used to reserving summers for weekend wedding adventures, you better start clearing the calendar for fall wedding road trips! Whether you are a fan of pumpkin spice season or not, there are some clear benefits of an October wedding.

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Benefits of an October Wedding

Cooler Weather

As outdoor ceremonies continue to rise in popularity, the weather is a huge consideration for brides. Summer weddings may not be doable unless you want the entire bridal party and your guests to be sweating. October weddings offer crisp air and the onset of cooler temperatures, without being too cold or risking heavy rains associated with winter or spring months.
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Beautiful Foliage and Scenery

The fall season also offers beautiful color-changing foliage and scenery. Picture a destination wedding in the mountains surrounded by trees that are ignited with bright oranges, reds, and rust tones. Beautiful scenery also means beautiful backdrops that will set the tone of the event. 

Photo Ops

Photo ops are no longer just reserved for the bridal party, they are something your guests want to get in on as well. In fact, Google searches for wedding photobooths are up 14% compared to just 3 years ago. Fall foliage not only serves as a beautiful background for your professional shots, but the season allows for fun themes and photo ops that your guests can post about too. Imagine delighting your guests with a pumpkin patch they can pose in! 

Fun Themes

October weddings are also perfect for exploring seasonal wedding themes. You could host a rustic wedding, which still has enduring popularity as 60% of brides say the trend is here to stay. Fall allows for the perfect backdrop for a rustic barn or country field. Some brides may also want to experiment with bolder themes, like a dramatic gothic-styled wedding.

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Tasty Catering Opportunities

Most brides will agree, the fall season opens a world of possibilities for tasty fall treats that can be incorporated in the catering. A casual wedding could explore apple cider welcome cocktails, a hearty main course of chili, followed by smores around a campfire or caramel apples. A more formal wedding might impress guests with a whiskey bar, flame-roasted meats, and pumpkin spice truffles.

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Choosing Your Wedding Date 

When it comes to choosing your wedding date, we have a few tips to make sure it’s the perfect date for you

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Consider Your Theme

When selecting the perfect wedding date, your desired theme plays a huge role. For example, an October wedding would be perfect for a rustic wedding set in a charming countryside barn. However, if your dream wedding is on the beach, this popular wedding month may not be best suited for you.  

Think About Your Bouquet

Flowers are seasonal, and some are not available year-round. If you have a dream flower in mind for your bouquet, make sure to verify with your florist on what months it is in season. Most popular blooms are mainly available in spring months, but there are also beautiful options for fall and even winter. 

Don’t Rush It

Never rush your wedding planning! Make sure you have ample time from your engagement to your wedding date to account for all the logistics you have to plan. Securing a popular wedding month could bring you added stress if it doesn’t allow for a proper wedding planning timeline.  The average couple typically takes 13 to 18 months to plan their wedding. Keep that in mind when booking your date! 

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Set Your Date? Time to Book Your Bridal Bouquet Pressing.

Once you set your wedding date, don’t forget to plan ahead for your pressed wedding bouquet! Wedding flower preservation is increasing in popularity as brides desire to preserve their bouquets and hold on to the memories of the big day forever. We actually recommend booking your bouquet pressing as soon as you set your wedding date to ensure availability and seamless delivery for optimal results. Wedding bouquets have to be received within four days of the ceremony in order to be properly pressed, so it can’t be done at the last minute. The entire pressing, design, and framing process typically takes four to six months to complete. So, if you have an October wedding, you could get your beautifully pressed bouquet as early as Valentine’s Day! 

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See why we are the #1 in bridal bouquet preservation.

Pressed Wedding Bouquet Preservation - DBandrea

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