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DBA Couple Julia & Cameron - DBandrea

At dbAndrea, our entire team values creativity and dedication when it comes to preserving your bridal bouquets and wedding flowers. When Julia and Cameron met at church, neither one of them could have expected that a hike would eventually lead them on the path to their marriage. Unlike many brides who let a florist do all the work, Julia got creative and helped design her very own wedding bouquet with the help of her dedicated family friends, Val and Trish. Let’s take a look at this heartwarming story and see the beautiful bouquet Julia created and that we helped to preserve

The Cute Meet

DBA Couple Julia & Cameron - DBandrea

Julia and Cameron met after college. Julia had just moved back to her hometown and joined her church’s young adults group. The first time the couple met was on a chilly December evening in 2016 when the group got together to look at Christmas lights. While mingling under the mistletoe and the glow of twinkling lights, Julia spotted Cameron and thought to herself, “this guy is too cool for school.” While she did find him handsome and charming, they chatted only for a minute that evening. 

Later that summer, Julia and Cameron became friends and would hang out together during church gatherings. One day, they had a conversation that struck Cameron and he decided to ask Julia out on a date. 

“I could not begin to remember what we talked about,” Julia explains, “but Cameron told me later that he decided that after that conversation he wanted to go out on a date with me.” 

The two took a hike through the small mountains that surround their town. Julia says, “we hiked, talked, and truly enjoyed ourselves.” After that date, she started dreaming of the possibilities. 

About a month into their relationship, the couple was making dinner at Julia’s house, talking for hours into the night

“I knew that night that Cameron was meant for me,” she smiles. “Our life goals and dreams aligned so well that I knew we could have a relationship that would honor and serve ourselves and everyone around us. We could have a life together full of adventure and love. I had found the guy I was going to marry.”  

The Proposal

Julia and Cameron decided to take a trip to her Alma Mater, Auburn University, one fall for game day on campus. On the way, they ate breakfast at her favorite bagel shop and decided to stroll the campus together. 

“He asked me around lunch when we would make it to the iconic Samford Hall and Auburn sign,” Julia explains, “I told him we would hit that last since it was near where we started and thought nothing of it.” Once the two got to Samford, Cameron set up his phone for a photo. 

He said, "are you ready?"

She said "yes,” still looking at the camera

Then he asked, "will you marry me?"

Julia looked towards him and he was holding an engagement ring! She burst into tears, exclaiming “yes.”

“It was such a magical surprise,” Julia says. 

DBA Couple Julia & Cameron - DBandrea

Val and Trish 

DBA Couple Julia & Cameron - DBandrea

Before we go into the wedding, Julia explains that you all must meet Val and Trish. Val and Trish have been like second mothers to Julia. Hardworking, creative, and dedicated, everything they work on together becomes a beautiful piece of art.

When Julia moved back home after college, she began helping them both with their wedding flower business and really enjoyed it. Julia says, “after I got engaged, I knew that I had to have Val and Trish do the flowers for my wedding.” 

Between these two women, anything is possible. 

The Wedding 

Julia shares that her wedding day was absolutely magical. The ceremony was held at a small chapel on the tallest mountain in the town with an overlook into the entire valley. When she walked into the church on the hot summer day, she was greeted with cool air and the aroma of hundreds of flowers. 

Val and Trish had filled the chapel with arrangements of eucalyptus, lavender, and fir along with some of her favorite blooms. Julia explains, “it was so peaceful being in there alone with my flowers, knowing that people who loved me made all of this happen.  

The couple had some fun with the reception, including catering of their favorite foods like chicken nuggets, baked potatoes, chips & queso, bar-b-que, and even a milkshake bar that turned out to be a hit. They also had tables for games, including sets of personalized playing cards with their engagement photos.

DBA Couple Julia & Cameron - DBandrea

The Bouquet 

DBA Couple Julia & Cameron - DBandrea

Julia designed her own bouquet for the big day, but it was a complete surprise to her!

She says, “I went to the bride’s room and Val and Trish were there, waiting for me to design my own bouquet!”

The two brought in buckets of flowers, and they all put it together right then and there. Val managed to find Julia’s favorite ranunculus flowers, which are typically out of season during the summer. She intermingled them with hydrangeas, roses, and spotted greenery

“My bouquet was large and I loved it. When you give a girl the ability to design her own bouquet in real-time, it is super easy to just keep adding because the flowers are so beautiful. I love flowers with lots of petals and colors. I ran with purples, reds, and oranges,” Julia says

Julia explains that Val and Trish were an invaluable help to her,  “I would not have made it through without them.” 

This made preserving her bouquet all the more special and important.   

Tips for Designing Your Own Bouquet

Julia has a few tips for designing your own bouquet: 

  1. Don’t be afraid to change things u
  2. You don’t have to stick with the original pla
  3. Play with silk flowers first
  4. Visit wholesale florists
  5. Do your research on what will be in season for your wedding date,

The Bouquet Pressing

Julia found dbAndrea on Instagram years before she even started dating Cameron. She explained that initially, the idea of saving a bouquet was novel to her, but she was excited at the possibility of being able to preserve what would be a special memory. It quickly became incredibly important to her. Julia explains,

“At weddings, I have played so many different roles. I have been a guest. I have been a bridesmaid five times. I have also been a worker. I have helped arrange flowers days in advance, kept them as fresh as possible, and then arrived early in the morning on the wedding day to work on placement and final arrangements. The amount of work that goes into making a wonderful wedding takes an army, and flowers are a huge part of it all.” 

It is true that flowers provide color, backdrops, scents, symbolism, and joy for many brides and make the day memorable and special.

“It warms my heart to have been able to have my wedding flowers preserved,” Julia concludes, “I will have them as art in my home for years to come, as a colorful memory of a beautiful day and of people who love me dearly.” 

Currently, Julia and Cameron are in a temporary living situation, but Julia decided to hang her pressed flowers on the wall anyway. She can’t wait to find a special place for them when they move into a new home together

DBA Couple Julia & Cameron - DBandrea

Preserve Your Bouquet

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