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Pressed Wedding Bouquet Preservation - DBandrea
Congratulations! We have sent you the design form for your preserved flowers! This means you are one step closer to receiving your preserved flowers piece(s)! This form not only is where you will specify your design choices for your flower preservation, but where you will upload images of how your flowers looked fresh!
It’s important for our artists to have clear, high-quality photos of your flowers to create our art. We use these photos to recreate the overall look of your bouquet.
So, when adding photos of your bouquet to your design form follow these tips to help us out! When uploading photos...


- Hi-resolution photos

- Show the entire bouquet

- Use close-ups to show details

- Show us clear and crisp photos

*for mixed media or silhouette photos be sure to make sure the image is hi-resolution and shows everything you want to be included in your piece!


- Upload low-resolution photos

- Use overexposed photos

- Upload far away photos where flowers are not clearly visible

- Upload blurry, pixelated photos

- Only upload cut-off photos of the bouquet

- Use photos with filters altering color (unless you want that altered color)

Pro tip: ask a friend or family member to take a photo of your bouquet on their phone!
What we need to design your preserved bouquet piece(s) are clear, high-quality photos of your entire bouquet. Smartphone cameras will be able to provide this quality! We don't need professional photos of your flowers to design your piece(s), so have someone take a photo of your bouquet in natural lighting!
Pressed Wedding Bouquet Preservation - DBandrea


Our team will base our Flower Beautification process on the photos you upload.

If you want your preserved flower piece(s) to look like your flowers in real life,

we advise to not upload photos that are highly edited as the colors of the flowers in real life will be different than the photos.

By following these tips, you help us to create the best design for your preserved bouquet piece(s)! Thank you! 🤍

If you have questions please email us at!









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