Cascading Bouquet? Say no to Plastic Handles!

Say No To Cascading Handles - DBandrea

Planning on preserving your wedding bouquet? Please avoid using a plastic bouquet holder for your flowers! While cascading bouquets often are created using this plastic holder, talk to your florist about giving you stems.

After your wedding, we advise keeping your flowers in a vase of water changed daily until you ship. Often when a bouquet is in a plastic holder the flowers are not able to get enough water for a few days. Having stems will help you keep your flowers hydrated until we receive them.

During shipping, the plastic holder can cause your bouquet to be off-balance and shift around a lot which will damage your flowers. Flowers are delicate and can easily bruise or lose petals and for your preserved bouquet we want to use the best blooms.

To avoid needing any supplemental inventory flowers, it’s important we get your flowers as fresh as possible! Our goal is to give you a beautiful piece to cherish for years to come! If we do feel your piece will need a few flowers from inventory we will ask you first!

We send flower care and shipping instructions after you book and about a week before your wedding so they’re fresh in your inbox! Make sure to follow our care and shipping instructions so that your flowers get to us in the best shape! 🤍

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