Planning to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet with Designs by Andrea?

Bridal Wedding Bouquet Preservation - DBandrea

Follow these tips to make sure you get the very best out of your wedding flower preservation!


Be sure to add wedding bouquet preservation to your wedding planning budget! Planning ahead is the best way to ensure you can get the exact flower preservation you want. Don't let your wedding bouquet end up in the trash!

When you book with us, you only have to pay 25% of your total to secure your spot. We also offer a four-part interest-free payment plan!

Bridal Wedding Bouquet Preservation - DBandrea


Something we always recommend to our clients is to add their bouquet preservation to their wedding registry. A wedding flower preservation would be a wonderful gift! One we’re sure many of your loved ones would love to contribute to.

Bridal Wedding Bouquet Preservation - DBandrea

TIP: Add cash funds to your registry so your friends and family can help gift you THE most treasured wedding keepsake! Zola, the Knot, and Wedding Wire let you add cash funds to your wedding registry.


Pretty please don't toss your bouquet during the wedding ceremony! Flowers are delicate they can easily bruise and lose petals. Talk to your florist about your plans to preserve their hard work and have them make a smaller toss bouquet.

Bridal Wedding Bouquet Preservation - DBandrea

On the day of your wedding, pick someone you trust to be in charge of your bouquet! They will make sure your bouquet is in water when not in use and will make sure your flowers are not lost at the end of your wedding night. Unfortunately, we have heard horror stories of bouquets being accidentally thrown away in the hubbub of clean up-- or even home taken by a wedding guest.

Read more on our recommended flower care in this blog!

Follow our shipping instructions

Care and simple shipping instructions are sent after you book and sent again a week before your wedding so they’re fresh in your inbox!

TIP: Don't forget to send in extra flowers from your centerpiece or bridesmaid's bouquets! This increases the likelihood of us getting flowers in good condition for your piece. This is especially important if you will be getting several pieces or have specialty flowers. But please don't send flowers you do not want to include in your flower preservation.

Our goal is to help you get the wedding bouquet preservation you want. Please know that our hearts go into every piece we produce! Rest assured that we will treat your flower preservation as if it's our own. We are really looking forward to creating something beautiful for you!

Bridal Wedding Bouquet Preservation - DBandrea

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