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At dbandrea, passion, purpose, and people are at the core of everything we do. Our drive to be the biggest and best flower preservation company in the world is rooted in our deep love and appreciation for the beauty and symbolism of flowers, as well as our desire to help people preserve and cherish their most-precious memories through pressed floral frames and floral blocks.

We are committed to preserving the beauty and symbolic significance of the flowers in every piece of floral art we create. We believe that every petal, every bloom, and every stem has the ability to encapsulate moments, memories, and emotions that deserve to be captured and preserved forever. That's why we pour our hearts and souls into every piece we create, from bridal bouquets, memorial flower keepsakes, sentimental mementos, and much more.

Andrea Castaneda - DBandrea

our founder, Andrea

From the very beginning, our founder and CEO, Andrea, was driven by a passion for flowers and a commitment to excellence. Her passion and creativity, combined with her extensive knowledge of preservation techniques, gave her a unique perspective on the power of flowers to evoke emotion and capture the essence of a moment in time. Through years of experimentation and research, Andrea developed our proprietary preservation process that allows flowers to be preserved in their natural state, with their color and shape intact. She also built a team of experts who share her passion and commitment to excellence.

The Designs By Andrea Team - DBAndrea

Our Team

Our team of expert artists, designers, and preservationists share an unwavering passion for flowers and a deep understanding of their transformative power. We know that a single rose can evoke memories of a first date, a wedding day, or a final farewell. We know that a colorful bouquet can brighten a hospital room, soothe a grieving heart, or convey love and appreciation in a way that words cannot. And we know that preserving these precious memories requires a level of care and attention that only our team can provide.

Today, dbandrea is the world's biggest and best flower preservation company, with customers from all over the globe entrusting us with their most-precious memories. Our passion for flowers, combined with our dedication to excellence, has allowed us to continually push the boundaries of what is possible in flower preservation. We are driven by a desire to help people create lasting memories that they can cherish for a lifetime through beautiful pressed floral frames and floral blocks, and we will continue to innovate and improve our processes to ensure that we remain at the forefront of our industry.

What services does dbandrea provide?

Pressed Floral Frames

Pressed Bouquet Preservation - DBandrea

Dbandrea's pressed floral frames are a unique and stunning way to preserve your favorite blooms and memories. Our proprietary floral pressing process ensures that your flowers remain vibrant and true to their natural form, and our expert artists work tirelessly to create a one-of-a-kind piece that captures the beauty and essence of your arrangement.

Our frames are handcrafted with the highest quality materials, ensuring that your preserved flowers are protected and displayed in a way that is both beautiful and long-lasting. Whether you're looking to preserve a wedding bouquet, a special gift, or a sentimental memento, our pressed floral frames are the perfect way to keep your memories alive for years to come.

Gem Resin Preservation - DBandrea

Floral Block

Dbandrea's floral blocks are a stunning and innovative way to preserve your favorite blooms and memories. Our artists carefully select and arrange your flowers before encasing them in high-quality resin, creating a breathtaking display that captures the natural beauty of your arrangement. Our resin blocks are made with dbandrea’s proprietary process and the highest-quality materials, ensuring that your preserved flowers are protected and displayed in a way that is both durable and visually stunning. Whether you're looking to preserve a wedding bouquet, commemorate a special event, or honor the memory of a loved one, our floral blocks are an exceptional and deeply moving way to cherish your precious memories for a lifetime.

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