How to Pick Your Flowers Before You Preserve Them

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Are you ready to preserve your precious wedding bouquet? Here are a few tips to help you pick your flowers before you preserve them.

1. First things first! We recommend visiting our dbandrea gallery.

Browse through several preservation pieces. You can explore by flower type, color, and see how your favorite flowers look in pressed and floral block preservation methods.

2. Keep in mind that not all flowers preserve the same.

Roses and peonies are true preservation champions, however, lilies, orchids, or dahlias don't top the preservation charts. Still, we adore these flowers!

3. Add Variety!

We recommend mixing and matching different types of flowers. This ensures your preservation piece will look beautiful.

4. Ask Your Florist!

Don't hesitate to reach out to your trusted florist. They're the ultimate gurus in all things floral, but feel free to message us on Instagram for some extra guidance!

5. Quick Tip:

Spray roses are the secret ingredient to elevate any preservation piece.

6. We also recommend snagging a copy of "our flower bible".

This remarkable book is our holy grail, showcasing a treasure trove of flower types, captivating colors, and even reveals their bloom seasons. It's a must-have and you can easily purchase it right here.

If you're looking for more floral inspiration, don't forget to tune into our latest YouTube video.

We look forward to working with you!

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