Wedding Trend: Anniversary Weddings

Pressed Wedding Bouquet Mixed Media Preservation - Dbandrea

A trend we're seeing lately is a great option for those who got married in the past few years and had to cut back on the number of guests due to the pandemic. Many couples still want and are planning bigger wedding ceremonies.

Couples lately have started using their second wedding celebration as an anniversary party or vow renewal! We love this idea of celebrating your first years of marriage, now, with all your loved ones!

Wedding Bouquet Preservation - DBandrea

Now, imagine the feeling of having two wedding bouquet preservations in your home! 😍 If you are one of our past clients who will have a second wedding we would absolutely love to preserve your wedding flowers!

Repeat customers can take advantage of our Loyalty Program!

Wedding Bouquet Preservation - DBandrea

Should you book with us again you can choose either $50 off your order or a free Ring Diamond ® added to your order! Just be sure to let us know when filling out the order form that you are a repeat customer and what name and email you previously booked with us with!

Don’t miss out on getting the greatest wedding keepsakes!

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