Take a Quiz, Find Your Style

Take a Quiz, Find Your Style

Are you planning a wedding a need a little bit of help finding your flower style? Or are you planning already planning your wedding bouquet preservation but aren’t sure if you should get a Pressed Piece or Floral Block? Or what size/shape is the best fit for you? Take these quizzes to find your perfect match!

Are you stuck between getting a Pressed Piece or Floral Block for your wedding bouquet? We know it can be hard to decide as both are such beautiful options!
Want to preserve the 3D look of your wedding flowers? Our resin Floral Blocks are for you! Since we have many Floral Block shapes to offer, this quiz will help narrow down what shapes are the most you!

Of course, when it comes down to it, pick the shape that you love!
Don't know what size to get for your floral preservation? We're here to help! Remember to keep in mind where you will display your flower preservation!
If you are considering preserving your flowers into a Pressed Piece, you will also be able to select what type of frame for your piece. With eleven frame choices, you can be sure to find the fit for your Pressed Piece to fit your home!
Planning your wedding and don't know where to begin with your flowers? Take this quiz to find your wedding bouquet style!

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