Pros & Cons of Pressed Pieces vs. Resin Floral Blocks

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Are you stuck between getting a Pressed Piece or Floral Block? Here’s a quick list of a few pros and cons between pressed and resin flower preservation. Either way, you go you will have a beautiful piece to last a lifetime and pass down to future generations. If you really can’t pick, why not both?! 😜 Many of our brides love getting a pressed piece along with a Floral Block and other add-ons.

Floral Blocks


  • Can be displayed pretty much anywhere
  • Beautiful accent decor
  • 3D preservation makes the bouquet look like a fresh bouquet
  • Popular and trendy
  • Our proprietary Flower Beautification Process restores flowers to their natural colors


  • Fits a smaller number of flowers compared to a pressed piece
  • Resin (regardless of brand/artist you choose) will amber over time. However, this will eventually give your piece a vintage look!

Pressed Pieces


  • The main art piece in a room
  • Can be added to a gallery wall or hang by itself
  • We have more control over the outcome since pressed flowers do not use any type of chemicals for preservation (such as resin flowers)
  • Sealed to prevent moisture, bugs, and to regulate its temperature by 80%
  • We can fit quite a few more flowers on bigger pieces (12x12 and up) to best represent your bouquet
  • Our proprietary Flower Beautification Process restores flowers to their natural colors and although some fading will eventually occur, our process drastically decreases the extent of the natural fading process.


  • Can’t think of any :)

For both pressed and resin art, we highly recommend placing your piece away from direct sunlight and in a dry place to help your piece last a lifetime. Be sure to avoid placing your preserved bouquet pieces in bathrooms or where the piece may be exposed to a lot of humidity. Although our Beautification techniques help preserve the natural color of your flowers, keep in mind that your piece once had real, living flowers. Expect your flowers to change colors and remember, this is natural.

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