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I have a confession…

As our Floral Blocks gain momentum, and 50% of our new customers choose them over our Pressed pieces, I have to admit that my heart breaks a little. 😅

We like to say that a Pressed Piece is *the* main piece of art in a room, whereas a Floral Block is an accent decor piece and 85% of you agreed.

While I absolutely love creating both preserved flower pieces and releasing a new option for you has honestly been a dream come true, one of my brides was able to put my emotions into words:

“…the pressed are your babies. 🥺 You built your business on that and put so much hard work and effort into it for YEARS to perfect your work and you have! And these are so new in comparison and I don’t blame you. ❤️”

While the Floral Blocks are super trendy and I truly adore them, my Pressed Pieces is what made me an entrepreneur.

More than 20% of you are starting to choose both options! I cannot wait to show you guys more of the sets of Pressed Pieces and Floral Blocks together as the preservation methods (and outcome) are truly completely different from one another.

As far as how pieces age (a question we get often), it is important to note that we have more control over the Pressed Pieces and overall, they will age better than the blocks.

We use state-of-the-art casting resins that have UV inhibitors in them that will delay the change in color, however, all epoxy will eventually yellow to some degree. An amber look can be expected. As with any of our pieces, Pressed or Blocks, we recommend do not display them in direct sunlight.

Floral Block Wedding Bouquet Preservation - DBandrea

I am thrilled to work on customers’ Floral Block pieces, as I started the trial & error for this new release years ago! And I must say, finding my own style and going a step further by slightly color enhancing my pieces has been the most rewarding experience.

I am looking forward to working with you and creating something beautiful with your flowers! 🤗🌷 Thank you, forever, for trusting me with something so special!

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