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We are so excited you have decided to join us! It has been such an exciting year for us here at dbandrea. We have expanded our team from a single woman (& two dogs) show to... [drumroll, please]... FOUR team members! How crazy!

When I started pressing flowers in 2016, I never thought it would be the beginning of my journey as an artist. Pressing flowers was a simple hobby I picked up after learning that my man's grandmother used this method to preserve her flowers. I began pressing flowers he gave me and created pieces for him, my family and friends. This quickly expanded to creating pieces for customers and even brides!

This road has definitely not been easy, but I'm thankful because it has taught my team and me many lessons and I'm proud to say that we've grown from every situation. 

I'm so thankful to all of you who have supported me and my business. This year, I was able to expand to a team of 4 (+ Motley & Shelby. 🐾) We are still learning and adapting to the many ways our business is expanding but overall, we're just excited for the opportunity to grow and can't wait for you to be a part of it!

I love connecting with our customers which is why I felt that launching a blog was the next step in our journey. Through my art I've been blessed with a community who appreciates art, supports small businesses, and loves all things floral! I wanted to be able to give back by sharing what I have learned as an artist and as a business owner. Through our blog you can expect to read floral tips, small business advice, bridal feature stories and more!

Coincidentally enough, this month is PERFECT to launch our new blog as it marks a year since I decided to pursue what was then Pressed Flower Crafts FULL-TIME! 

This blog isn't even our newest venture. If you're in the Dallas area, you may have heard of or even attended one of our workshops. If you're not, you might remember feeling a little bummed about missing out, but we have some exciting news: We are launching our first online workshop in August! As a result you will be able to attend our workshop at the location and time of your choice. Pre-sale tickets will be available really soon and will include a workshop kit with all the tools you need to create your very own pressed flower masterpiece. 

Whether you just discovered us or have been following our journey for a while- we're so happy you've decided to join our flower party! 🌺🌼🌸

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Keep blooming, 

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P.S. Is there a topic you want us to cover? Let us know at hello@dbandrea.com

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