Wedding Regrets From Real Brides

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I recently hopped on Instagram and asked my followers if they could go back and change anything about planning their wedding day, what would it be?

I compiled the responses and decided to share the top 4 responses with you. If you are engaged and currently planning your wedding, you’ll want to read this.

  1. Invest in a better photographer. Your photos will be one of your most cherished keepsakes from your wedding (after your groom and preserved flowers of course). Be sure to find a photographer that suits your style. Tip: Give your photographer a photo checklist so you can capture the moments, and people, who matter the most.
  2. Enjoy the moment! Many brides wish they would have relaxed and enjoyed the day with their newlywed spouse. Remember to stop, breathe, and enjoy your day!
  3. Learn to say No. From feeling obligated to invite people, to caving into peer pressure to buy a dress you don’t love, it’s important to say No and remember that this day is for you and your partner.
  4. Invest in flowers and flower preservation. Flowers are an essential part of a wedding and brides have no regrets about spending too much on flowers. In fact, it is quite the opposite based on the responses we received. Additionally, many brides wish they would have included flower preservation to their budget. Tip: Add cash funds to your registry so your friends and family can help you gift the most treasured keepsake! Zola, The Knot, and Wedding Wire let you add cash funds to your wedding registry.

Have anything else to add? Leave your wedding regrets in the comments below.

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