5 reasons why we LOVE Pressed Pieces!

Pressed Flower Preservation - Designs By Andrea

At dbandrea, we offer two preservation methods: Pressed (Framed) and Floral Blocks (Resin). When it comes to preserving your blooms, our go-to recommendation is none other than Pressed (Framed) Flower Preservation. In this blog post, we'll share the top advantages of this method, highlighting five reasons why we love pressed pieces.

1. Amplified Size and Elegance

Our pressed pieces go big, reaching up to 24x28, a whopping 437% larger than our biggest Floral Block, 14" Circle. More space means more of YOUR flowers, creating a stunning representation of your bouquet.

Pressed Framed Flower Piece Displayed Next To Resin Floral Block - DBAndrea

2. Focal Point Of Any Room

Pressed pieces steal the show, becoming the main art piece in any room. When entering a room, most people tend to look at what is eye level to them first. A pressed piece size demands attention and sets the vibe, as they can be displayed in a gallery wall or on their own.

Framed Pressed Flowers Displayed With Wedding Portraits - DBAndrea

3. Temperature-Proof Preservation

When we seal all pressed pieces in-house, we add a layer of control over the temperature, offering protection of up to 80%. Plus, other additives throughout the sealing process helps us fight humidity, aside of keeping your piece from pesky insects and dust at bay.

4. Graceful Aging

Unlike the resin used in Floral Blocks, pressed flowers aren’t submerged in chemicals. This means we have more control over their aging process, ensuring a graceful transformation over time.

5. Consistent Beauty Regardless of Flower Condition

We meticulously disassemble and creatively recreate EVERY flower in your pressed bouquet. While Floral Blocks depend heavily on the initial condition of the flowers, our process guarantees a beautiful outcome, without heavily relying on the flower’s starting point.

We hope this information was helpful.  And remember, our second choice is the best of both worlds: making it a set (Pressed + Floral Blocks) if your budget allows. 

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Stay blooming! 

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