Our Thoughts on White Bridal Bouquets

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While we love the classic look of all white bouquets, they are not our favorite to work with when it comes to bridal preservation.

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Here's why:

What makes a piece gorgeous is the various textures, colors and different sizes (and types) of flowers. With an all white bouquet with only one type (and size) of flower, means we are working with less variety.

If you are planning to have an all white bouquet, we recommend adding different sizes of flowers and adding greenery. This will give your piece depth and contrast.

Tip: Send us some centerpieces and/or bridesmaid's bouquets. If you don't have extras, we do have greenery in our inventory.

Greenery helps us create layers that make it look more three-dimensional. Also, the greenery contrasts your florals making the different textures of your flowers stand out more. This contrast is super important for white bouquets as they need the greenery to avoid looking like one mass of white.

Whether you want to add extras or not, we also recommend adding a black background to your pressed or resin floral blocks. With a black background your white floral bouquet will have a more dramatic contrast and make your flowers POP!

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