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DBA Couple Brianna And Dylan - Dbandrea

At this point, none of us have been left unscathed by Covid-19. We've all been impacted one way or another, in both small and life-altering ways. These uncertain times have shaken up all that we know to be the norm and for some couples, this has meant throwing all their carefully thought out plans out the window and facing their first big challenge head-on. At dbandrea, we're doing our best to live up to what has become our mantra and so, in an effort to "Keep Blooming" and encouraging others to do the same, we would like to introduce you to three couples who have turned an unfortunate situation into an unforgettable one that they'll cherish forever. We hope that their stories will make you smile and remind you that love, the most important thing of all, is alive and thriving now more than ever.

Brianna + Dylan

When wedding planning began, one decision was an easy one for Brianna & Dylan. They both agreed that they wanted to honor the memories of their first date by getting married on the water. They treasured the time they spent planning out the details of their wedding and after searching for and finally securing their perfect venue, everything seemed to have fallen into place.

"As the days went on and the severity of Covid-19 increased, we realized this may be our only chance to say I do. The future is so unknown. We could postpone until summer, fall or even winter but when the day comes again, what will our world look like? In the moment we realized we should press on and achieve our desire to get married no matter what it looked like." -Brianna

Although they lost their beloved venue and scrambled to work out alternative wedding arrangements in less than 9 days for the wedding they planned for 9 months, Brianna and Dylan found themselves exchanging vows in a venue that was just as meaningful to them.

"While we hadn’t originally planned for our church to be the venue, this is the church where Dylan and I have attended together since I was 14 years old, now how special is that? We have sat on the pews together and prayed for many years, now there we were saying our vows. At the end of the day, it didn’t matter the venue, the food, or the number of guests there with us, our souls were joined together that day and that is all that matters."

DBA Couple Brianna And Dylan - Dbandrea

Brianna shared with us that Dylan has always been a constant in her life and that he truly embodies everything she's longed for in a lifelong partner which only made us more excited about celebrating with her by preserving her bridal bouquet!

"I knew I would still have my photographer, but I wanted something that would truly take me back to the moment. Flowers create such a high level of happiness and I knew that having my bouquet preserved would take me back to the moment I walked down the aisle."

Alexandra + Ian

After their engagement on March 2, 2019, Alexandra and Ian spent a year planning the details of their March 21st, 2020 wedding. Together they enjoyed planning their reception and practicing their dance moves for their first dance. As the date neared, Alexandra was excited to wear her perfect dress to marry Ian on their big day.

DBA Couple Brianna And Dylan - Dbandrea

"The week before our wedding was the week where mandates were changing DAILY, sometimes hourly. I cannot describe the level of frustration and distress my fiancé, our families and I were feeling. Every time we adjusted our expectations to the new normal, the new normal disappeared before our very eyes. It felt like everything was against us. Thankfully Ian and I, along with our families had the mantra that this wedding was going to happen no matter what.'' -Alexandra

A few days before their wedding, the couple found out that their reception would have to be rescheduled for a later date. The day before their scheduled wedding date, they were told that they would no longer be able to hold their ceremony at their church. As devastating as this was, the couple moved forward with their plans, changing them once more.

"At 12:00 PM on March 20, 2020, Ian and I went from thinking we were having our rehearsal that night to rescheduling our wedding for 8:30 that evening and we mobilized. I have never witnessed anything so incredible as our families rallying behind our decision. I called our florist, photographer, videographer, violinist, and getaway car. Everyone was available and enthusiastic to help us. Ian and I were married a day earlier than expected with our immediate families present and a handful of close friends. The rest of our family and friends watched via a link on live-stream. It was intimate and joyful. Memorable to say the least."

We can't imagine pulling strings the way Alexandra and Ian did with the help of their loved ones! To us, preserving bridal bouquets is so much more than just floral preservation, it's preserving all of the memories and emotions that come along with the big day! We asked Alexandra why it was important for her to have her bouquet preserved and she warmed our team's hearts when she shared the following with us:

DBA Couple Brianna And Dylan - Dbandrea

"I thought it would be a beautiful visual reminder of our wedding, just like our photographs will be. And as it turns out, I am even more excited for my bouquet because every time I look at it I will remember the feeling I had when I picked it up 24 hours earlier than I thought I would to marry my husband."

Kathryn + Mathieu

DBA Couple Brianna And Dylan - Dbandrea

Mathieu and Kathryn met at Texas A&M where they pursued similar career paths. Both accepted job offers within the same company that took them out of Texas but into a sweet friendship as they navigated a new state. They soon became a couple and fell in love. Beyond the love they have for each other, Mathieu and Kathryn also share a love for friends and family. They looked forward to tying the knot and celebrating with the most important people in their lives. With Covid-19 restrictions on the rise, the couple went through several potential wedding plans to deal with travel restrictions that affected their guests' ability to attend the wedding. Soon after, CDC guidelines forced them to cut their guest list. With each news update that shifted their plans once more, Kathryn and Mathieu found themselves coming closer together throughout their experience.

"Though I am the planner of the two of us, Mathieu's calming presence and rational perspective were key as we navigated new decisions and plans. Mathieu and I both felt affirmed in our decision and choice in choosing one another as life partners through this situation. The time presented opportunities and situations to support one another, see each other sad, and work towards providing happiness for one another on our special day. This will certainly be a story that we'll remember and tell forever, and ultimately a good reminder of what is/isn't of eternal significance." -Kathryn

Mathieu and Kathryn kept their original wedding date and exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony attended by their parents, Mathieu's sister, their wedding officiant and his wife. Kathryn wore her dazzling wedding dress, had beautiful florals and was able to find a local photographer to capture the big day. Their reception is scheduled to take place in the fall and they are looking forward to celebrating with all of their family and friends.

DBA Couple Brianna And Dylan - Dbandrea

"In the end, I think it panned out perfectly for Mathieu and I. We were able to soak in the ceremony, the significance of our vows, and intimacy of doing so with our immediate families. It was so special and personal. Come reception time, we'll be able to focus our attention on being present with our loved ones and celebrating alongside them for the entirety of the weekend. Both elements (ceremony & celebration) of the "wedding" meant so much to us - so now we get to celebrate twice! Plus, we get to maintain two important focuses and lenses. Intimate and personal, and relational and celebratory, both of which are important and true to us both." 

Congrats to our newlyweds!  We are so thankful to them for sharing their stories with us and for allowing us to preserve such precious memories. We can't wait for them to see their pressed bouquets!

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Through this rough patch, let's keep blooming!

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