New Shapes, New Possibilities: Introducing 11 New Floral Block Options

New Shapes, New Possibilities: Introducing 11 New Floral Block Options

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At dbandrea, we offer the largest selection of flower preservation options and customizations in the market! From a wide range of floral block sizes to various shapes and personalized touches, our selection is unmatched.

New Shapes, New Possibilities

Discover our newly expanded collection of Floral Blocks! With over 60 different options, ranging from functional pieces to stunning statement furniture pieces, you'll find exactly what you're looking for. We're so excited to introduce 11 exciting new additions, including the larger Texas Floral Block, elegant Block Bookends, stylish Jewelry Diamond™ and Jewelry Dish, and our largest Hex Floral Block, designed to accommodate even more of your beautiful flowers.

Whether you're about to book your preservation or already have an order with us, don't miss out on our latest offerings. Find the perfect match for your needs and elevate your preservation experience today! At dbandrea, we're passionate about helping you preserve your most cherished memories in the most exquisite and personalized ways possible. 

We look forward to creating “the most treasured piece of art you’ll own”.  

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