Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023!

DBandrea Head Quarters - Designs By Andrea

As we wrap up 2022, we wanted to look back and see how our team and business thrived and pivoted through another year.


One of the BIGGEST things that happened this year was our new DBANDREA HQ!

We needed a building to have more SPACE to serve more of YOU! This included a complete remodel prior to us moving in Summer of 2022. Our move was a successful one because our business didn't skip a beat. DBANDREA stayed on schedule with our preservation pieces and our team 100% killed it.


Speaking of our team, we added NEW talent to our team in almost every area! As we grow, so does our team and we are so grateful to have a team that is ready to work on new goals products and offering in 2023!

We now have 7 artists on the team!

New Departments

Can you believe this time last year I was the only person on the resin team? This year, we expanded our Resin Department with AMAZING talent! Jess is our Lead Artist who was promoted into a Supervisor role within weeks! Her resin team has an entire wing of the new building just for them!!

We also created our new shipping department! We now box and ship every single piece in-house to serve our customers even better than before! One of our newest hires, Amy was recently promoted to serve in this role! She's been killing it!


As the team grew and new talent entered, we were able to revamp processes to become more efficient. One of the major key players in establishing new processes was my mother Carmen, who began working with us in the Summer of 2022 as our Operations Manager! Her expertise allowed DBANDREA to streamline and incorporate new processes that make DBANDREA thrive!

DBA Staff Member - DBandrea


This was the year of new offerings! From new floral block shapes including an upright heart (in 3 sizes) to the Gem-L and Gem-XL to our new Christmas Ornaments and so many more! Our newest background color, Latte has been a customer favorite! Additionally, you can now mix and match your floral blocks and pressed pieces with matching background colors!


What sets us apart from competitors is our quality! We truly pride ourselves in the quality we offer our customers! Please know we are always working on increasing our quality to give you the best flower preservation in the world!

Memorial Flower Preservation - DBandrea


Another key component in our success and what sets us apart, is our personalized customer experience! We onboarded Tiffany in Spring of 2022 and let's just say, we were given our very own unicorn! Tiffany came in and took this department in her hands to transform it into the very best customer experience possible. Every single customer receives a consultation so we can best answer any questions and create the most timeless piece of art for you.


A bulk of our customers are brides, but there is also another category that involves preserving flowers for customers who have experienced a loss. We knew we wanted to best serve our customers by creating a Memorial website just for them to reflect this season in life. We hope this website provides a safe space to order your special memorial pieces. At DBANDREA, we are here for you through the highs and lows of life.

Visit our Memorial Page HERE.

Memorial Flower Preservation - DBandrea

Bridal Shows

For the first time ever, DBANDREA participated in 2 bridal shows (Spring/Fall)! This was a great way to show you our offerings in person. We had so much fun meeting you in person that we plan to continue to do this in 2023!

So much has happened, and yet, we have so much to look forward to. We can't wait to share more! Shhh! Make sure to check your inbox on 1/1/23 for our first news of the year! Eek! (Let's just say you've been asking for it.)

Lastly, we want to thank everyone who has booked with us and shown us continued support. We are so grateful!

We look forward to serving you in 2023!

Happy New Year!

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