What You Should Know About Resin (Floral Blocks)

Floral Block Wedding Bouquet Preservation - DBandrea

As a company, it is crucial to us that our customers know what to expect after years with your Floral Blocks. While we use state-of-the-art casting resins that have UV inhibitors in them that will delay the change in color, it’s important to know that all epoxy will yellow over time and an amber look should be expected. We cannot speak to when the resin will begin to amber as this can vary due to many factors.

Any resin aging will not take any meaningful part away from your bouquet!

They’re your flowers and they’re going to be beautiful, but the piece *will* age and gain a vintage look. But in the end, they are your flowers and they’ll be with you year after year, anniversary after anniversary!

Floral Block Wedding Bouquet Preservation - DBandrea

Below, you can see a sample of resin recently made resin compared to resin with ambering made over a year ago. (The older resin is on the right).

Floral Block Wedding Bouquet Preservation - DBandrea
Floral Block Wedding Bouquet Preservation - DBandrea

Making it a set is the best way to go!

We want to encourage customers to get a Pressed Piece over solely getting a Floral Block. Pressed will age a lot better than a Block as we have a lot more control over this type of flower preservation because we’re not putting those flowers in resin (i.e. submerging them in chemicals).

If you want a Block, our advice for you is to get a Pressed and an additional Block. Go for the best of both worlds, if your budget allows! This way you get both types of preservation! When it comes to resin the preserved flowers are going to remain the same, but the resin itself will become yellow over time.

Floral Block Wedding Bouquet Preservation - DBandrea

How to take care of your art

Regardless of the type of flower preservation it is important to handle with care and make sure to keep your pieces out of direct sunlight. Sunlight, aka UV rays, will interact with the art and cause photolysis, the breakdown of the molecules of your art.

Keeping your art pieces out of sunlight, utilizing ArtGlass, and UV blocking window linings can help protect all art from UV rays. Without protection, all art will fade due to direct sunlight.

Never keep your pieces in extreme hot or cold weather and don't place them in high humidity as this will also deteriorate the quality of your artworks.

So while in the years to come, your Floral Block will not look exactly the same as the day you received it, we honestly think the vintage look is a beautiful thing! Your piece will age with you, just like your wedding dress! While your Block and wedding dress may yellow with time, those years passing is the collection of even more precious memories!

Ultimately it's so meaningful to be able to hold your wedding flowers in your hands long after your day!

wedding budget TIP:

Add your wedding bouquet preservation to your registry! Zola, The Knot, and other wedding websites allow you to add your flower preservation as a Cash Fund so guests can contribute to THE most treasured art you'll own!

Information about all epoxy yellowing over time is available on several parts of our website, including our Price List, where you select your Floral Blocks, FAQ, and Terms & Conditions. As we continue to make posts, reels, and videos sharing this information, it’s important to us that we educate our customers and manage expectations with this type of preservation.

Watch to see resin examples in a video format:


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