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Tips From A Florist - DBandrea

Our florist friend, Lizzie, recently took over our Instagram where she answered some of the most common questions she gets as a florist and told us a bit about her process! If you're planning your wedding (or if you're just curious), we've taken the great info she shared and summed it up here!

"Hi! I'm Lizzie, and I'm the founder of Lizzie Bee's Flower Shoppe in Richardson, Texas. Lizzie Bee's has been creating organic, garden-style flower arrangements for weddings and everyday celebrations for the past ten years and we're big on designing weddings that feel ethereal, effortless, and down-to-earth! One of my favorite flower arrangements to do for a wedding is our signature floral chandelier--we cover our own, specially-designed hoop in lots of lush greenery and big blooms and hang it from the ceiling of some of the prettiest venues in Texas!"⁠⁠


A question Lizzie gets a lot! Clients often don’t know where to begin with their florist. For Lizzie, it all starts with an inquiry form. This gives her and her team all the information they need to begin.

As long as you have your venue, your colors, and your date-- you can start with your florist.

If you don’t know how to find a florist, referrals are where to start! Talk with your friends and family, and of course, consult the Internet! Instagram is a great source to discover vendors and Lizzie can vouch she’s gotten clients through IG.

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It’s likely your florist has been doing this for a long time and you hired them because you trust them to do their job. They’ll know the seasonality of flowers and can see how weather conditions will affect growing seasons. So trust your florist has the knowledge and ability to bring together your vision.

“Trust your florist. You’re hiring them for a reason and that’s because of their creativity and artistic ability.”


With Lizzie Bee’s style, they use a compote or a footed base. By using metal compotes, they avoid any worries about breakage. They design centerpieces in foam, which easily lets the arrangement be placed inside the base and makes for easy transportation. Friends and family can easily take home the centerpieces at the end of the night too.


Book as soon as you’re ready. (This goes for most wedding vendors!) If you have a proposal ready and are confident about the designs, it’s definitely better to book sooner rather than later. Lizzie Bee’s only takes so many weddings a year and many florists are the same. So if you’re ready, go ahead and book!

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“One flower that I’ve been gushing over has been hellebore. They go great in a bouquet, corsage, & a boutonniere. They’re a fun little detail flower & they dry really well.”


When you think about how a bouquet comes together there’s quite a lot of steps before it is even a bouquet! It all starts with the flowers being planted as a seed. That seed had to be watered and taken care of as it grows until it is time for someone to cut and package the flowers. The flowers then board an airplane and are to be picked up by your florist from the airport, or their wholesaler. Once the florist has the flowers, they'll need to bring them to their shop and process them before it's finally time to design. After designing, it’s time to deliver the florals to your wedding!

A lot of different processes go into making one bridal bouquet, and if you take it and get it preserved-- that’s another step! The end product is really amazing, especially considering how far these flowers have come and all they go through in order to make a beautiful creation. “When you talk about it, I feel like it opens your eyes.”

Thank you Lizzie again for doing an IG takeover with us!

You can find Lizzie here:

Instagram: @lizziebeesflowershoppe


Tips From A Florist - DBandrea

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