Summer Wedding Bouquets

Pressed Bridal Bouquet Preservation - DBandrea

Summer wedding season is quickly on its way! While it’s hard to pick a favorite, here are some of our favorite summer wedding bouquets we have preserved for a lifetime! Get ready for some wedding bouquet preservation inspiration!

Make it a Set!

We LOVE when we get to make a set of pieces for our clients! It's always so fun to see how the framed pressed flowers and 3D preserved flowers come together! If you have the chance to preserve your flowers, why not do it in several pieces?! For the large pressed piece, our client chose the sweet design to include the boutonniere in the same piece as the wedding bouquet.

Pressed Bridal Bouquet Preservation - DBandrea

Framed (Pressed)

16x20 double matted in 20x24 Champagne frame, Naturelle background

5x5 Charcoal background in Gold frame

5x5 Slate background in Walnut frame

Design: flowers with boutonniere; flowers with ribbon; boutonniere

Floral Blocks

10x10 Square

9x6.5 Bookends

6x6 Hex

Design: just flowers; clear background

Florist: Petals Couture - @petals_couture

This piece holds a special place in our hearts! Our artist replicated the flowing movement of the ribbons from the bridal bouquet in the Framed (Pressed) piece!

Framed (Pressed)

11x14 double matted in 16x20 Barnwood frame, White background

5x7 double matted in 8x10 Barnwood frame, White background

Design: flowers with ribbons; boutonniere with charms

Florist: Buttercup Bouquets - @bgbuttercupbouquets

Photographer: Corrina Wood - @corrinanicolephotography

We always love the look of flowers with ribbon, lace, or fabric. Plus adding the charms from your bouquet always adds an extra personal touch!

Pressed Bridal Bouquet Preservation - DBandrea

The 11x14 pressed flower piece with flowers and the wedding invitation is probably our favorite pieces with this type of design to date!

Pressed Bridal Bouquet Preservation - DBandrea

Framed (Pressed)

16x16 double matted in 20x20 Champagne frame, Naturelle background

11x14 Champagne frame, Naturelle background

5x7 double matted in 8x10 Champagne frame, Naturelle background

Design: flowers with ribbon and charms; flowers with invitation; boutonniere

Florist: Crest Florist - @crestflorist

Photographer: Dyanna LaMora - @dyannalamora

You can never go wrong with anemones! This beauty features anemone, rose, blue thistle, hydrangea, and ranunculus.

Bookends are the perfect combination of function meeting beauty. Display them separately as a unique art piece, or use them together as bookends!

Floral Blocks

9x6.5 Bookends

3.5x4 Square

Florist: Wildflowers - @wildflowersfloristnj

Photographer: Lauren Dorman - @laurendormanphoto

Talk about bouquet inspiration! To everyone who has booked with us, thank you for trusting us to preserve your flowers for a lifetime! And to our future customers, get ready to fall in love with your bouquet all over again!

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