A story of BLOSSOM


Hi! I’m Andrea, Founder and Lead Designer here at dbandrea. I started pressing flowers a few years ago when I received a beautiful bouquet from my man for Valentine’s, after learning that his grandmother used the process to preserve flowers. I’ve always considered myself creative, but it wasn't until experimenting with pressed flowers as a medium that I realized how far I can go. Creating art and connecting with people are what make me the happiest! This business has given me the ultimate gift: to move people in unique ways through my art. Thanks for pushing my creativity more and more with each new order! I have learned SO MUCH from you all and will always cherish that.

My goal is to help you get exactly what you want. Please know that my heart goes into every piece I produce. If I'm making a custom piece for you, rest assured that I will treat your treasure as if it's my own. I'm really looking forward to creating something beautiful for you!

Meet THE Team

Dalia is named after two flowers, (Dahlia & Jasmine.) She enjoys looking for vintage treasures, creating spreadsheets and getting lost in hiking trails. Her current struggle is trying not to press every flower she comes across.



Chandler is a mom to her chinchilla named Stitch and her two pups, Sunny + Lola. Her favorite flowers are pink-lined peonies and a Bachelor Nation ambassador as she's managed to get our team hooked. 


Marketing Coordinator

newlywed marketer whose passion is to get things done. Lupita is the queen of presentations and one of her favorite flowers is pink orchids. Can we take a sec to admire her beautiful wedding bouquet?


Felicha is a self-taught watercolor artist, originally from southwestern Pennsylvania. Felicha is not only the new brand graphic designer, but she's a collaborator. Click here to see some of our collaborations.


A natural leader, Shelby is the strong female role model we all need. She is smart, alert and so passionate about her job that we've forgiven her for destroying my copy of Texas Highways Magazine. In her defense, Shelby did leave my photo and article feature untouched. (True story)


The only things Motley loves more than his job are naps and cheese puffs. He understands the importance of a positive work-life balance and spends most of his day in his dreams. He isn't lazy- he's dreaming up dbandrea's next move. His visions win him employee of the month... every month.


Operations Manager


Contractor Graphic Designer

Chief Security Officer

Chief Visionary Officer




 DBANDREA is at a time of unprecedented change and great opportunity in our industry. It's our goal to continually make customers happy around the USThe basic idea behind our success is building a team; we believe that each person has a critical role that contributes to our overall success. We are all thrilled to have you on board soon!

Stay tuned for new opportunities! But hey! If you know you can bring a lot to the table reach out to us! We are always looking for amazing people to join our team!