Made-to-order 4" Ornament - Bouquet Recreation

Sale price$179.00

Recreate your bridal bouquet in a beautiful ornament made with real preserved flowers and resin!

Once you place your order please submit ONE photo of your bouquet to the email with your order number on the subject! We will use small elements that are flat/small enough to fit our 1"-thick ornament!

* The elements used within the ornament will be the discretion of the artists. Our goal is to make your ornament look as much as possible as your bridal bouquet, within reason. All our ornamnets will be color-restored to match the image you send! It is important to know that flowers/elements must be small and flat to fit the 1" thickness of the ornament. Please keep in mind that all resin will yellow over time.

SIZE: 4" in diameter, 1" thick

It comes with a black ribbon and bow!


  • Ornament Stand (display it year-round!): +$10
  • Gift Wrap: +$5

All other orders will ship within 15 days!


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Wedding Bouquet Preservation - Designs By Andrea
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Review our customization options below to get an idea of what you like! Feeling overwhelmed by choices? Don't worry! Your customizations will be decided and finalized at a later date with assistance from our floral concierge.

DBA Background Options - Designs By Andrea



Customize your piece by adding a background color!


All flowers that are preserved with dbandrea go through our Flower Restoration™ process to make their shapes and colors look as close as possible to the way they did on your big day. This proprietary process consists of over 200 steps!

Wedding Bouquet Preservation - Designs By Andrea


Wedding Bouquet Preservation - Designs By Andrea