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wedding boutonnière idea!

Updated: Jul 31

Imagine this, you have your wedding bouquet preservation booked with Designs by Andrea! Yay!!! 😁 You're on track to have your wedding flowers preserved for a lifetime! A gorgeous addition to the home you're building with your partner and an heirloom to pass down to future generations.

Now, imagine your *actual* husband’s boutonnière, also as a forever art in your home…

🥺🥰 The sweetest thing!

Pressed Boutonnière - DBandrea
pressed boutonnière

Here's an idea! Have him can wear one boutonnière during the wedding ceremony and a different boutonnière during the wedding reception! This is so that you can preserve one for yourself and one for your mother-in-law 😭

This is perfect if you want to keep your husbands boutonnière for yourself but also give a wedding flower preservation gift to your MIL!

A great option for boutonnière preservation is a pressed flower piece! A 5x5 or 5x7 are perfect additions to a wedding gallery wall! With us, you also have the option to include the boutonnière in your bouquet preservation!

For an individual Floral Block option, Andrea, our founder, and lead designer recommends the Gem shape for a boutonnière! This offering is THE most elegant shape we offer, and it’s absolutely perfect for a boutonnière or mini made out of a few flowers from your bridal bouquet. This Gem makes the most stunning little display for a desk, a bookshelf, or on your nightstand next to a wedding picture, always close to you 🤍

Resin Block Boutonnière - DBandrea
preserved wedding boutonnière - Gem

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