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Part 1: Vendors we love

Updated: Jul 31

In the spirit of International National Women’s Day and National Wedding Planning Day we reached out to some of our friends in the wedding industry to ask them about being a female entrepreneur and any wedding trend predictions! If you are in need of some inspiration to go after your dreams, these women have done just that, and have a lot of advice to offer.

Event Planner

Sarabeth Events by Sarabeth Quattlebaum, CMWP, CPCE


What advice have you received from business owners that you have found useful in running your own business?

“You can't control other people. You can only control your reactions to them.” Control is a big deal, as you can imagine, for event planners. Ha! Oh, and read Untamed asap.

Wedding trends for 2021/2022?

Expect to see total transformations of spaces. Think you're going to a boring ballroom luxury wedding? Think again. We now have the technology to change the walls and ceiling with projection mapping.

People want to get married where it's convenient but they don't want to get married in the same rooms as their friends. So, we're redesigning spaces. Oh, and floral chandeliers will stay around for a long time! Thankfully.

How can our readers reach you?

Email me at - I'm looking forward to it!


Petals Couture by Emily Ahlfinger


What inspires you/motivates you to work?

Our brides. They motivate me and give me inspiration.

What advice have you received from business owners that you have found useful in running your own business?

Same as the advice I’d give to others. There is no ceiling on what we can do as women business owners.

Wedding Florist - DBandrea

Wedding trends for 2021/2022?

Classic ballroom seems to be coming back. Brides are moving away from rustic feelings.

“Every wedding is different, while there are trends, each of our brides are so unique in their own ways.”

How can our readers reach you? Instagram! Best way to see BTS and our work!

Lizzie Bee’s Flower Shoppe by Elizabeth Fisher

Events: @lizziebeesflowershoppe

Retail: @lizziebees.thehive

“When I walk into the Bridal suite to deliver the bridal bouquet at weddings, and the bride is so overcome with emotions at the sight of her bouquet that she cries happy tears— it lets me know I did my job well!”

What do you like about your job?

I love how much collaboration and teaching I get to do! I have an amazing team that I’ve been able to help grow as designers and wedding professionals and seeing them succeed as the business succeeds is so fulfilling.

Wedding trends for 2021/2022?

I see a lot of people wanting to really go ‘all out’ for their wedding—big installations, lots of lush flowers…after 2020 scaled so much back for so many people, I’m seeing lots of couples want to celebrate in a big way.

How can our readers reach you?

The best way to get in contact with me and my team is to visit our website or send an email over to! We’d love to talk wedding design or help you place an order for flower delivery.


Brite Beauty by Marsi Hubbard

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs who are just getting started/want to get started in business ownership?

There is so much advice I could give but I’ll offer my top three!

YOU MUST POSSESS GRIT. You have to show up with thick skin everyday no matter how effin’ hard it gets and you might as well look damn good doing it, whatever that means for you.

SHOW UP TO GO UP. You never know what will happen. You never know exactly how the day will turn out, even with great planning, but the key is to show up when you’ve said yes...Make connections and be a person of your word. Honor your promises and show the ef’ up! And in a big way, which is your way!

COMMIT TO THE COMMITMENT. Someone gave me this advice in my late twenties and it was the best thing I’d ever heard and I’ve lived by it.

Wedding Stylist - DBandrea

Wedding trends for 2021/2022?

In regards to beauty we’re seeing glowing skin, a natural radiant look. What we say at Brite is “we want you to look like you, just britened up!” We’re seeing a little more glam in hair. Sleeker upstyles and down glamorous waves.

How can our readers reach you?

Follow us on the gram and visit our website at My personal gram is @marsihubbard and my website for business and life advice is

Rose Couture Nail Bar by Julie Tran (co-owner)


What inspires you/motivates you to work?

I love to learn and grow and I hope to have multiple businesses running before I turn 40.

Can you share a memorable client experience with us?

My very first pedicure client when I was 15 years old. I took 3 hours on a regular classic pedicure. I was shaking the whole time... The client was extremely nice and knew I was new to the industry and told me, “it’s ok sweetie. I know you are trying to do your best. Take your time and you will get there one day to be the best nail tech.”

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs who are just getting started/want to get started in business ownership?

You need a good team to be successful. Take the time to Listen to your team and hear what they have to say.

How can our readers reach you?

Best way to reach me is through our DM on IG @rosecouturenailbar.


Camera Shi Photographer by Shiloe Osborne


How long have you been in the business?

I took my first set of engagement photos when my roommate at the time got engaged and let me use her as a test dummy. This year will mark five years of Camera Shi Photography and I never would have guessed when I took those first engagement photos!

What do you like about your job?

THE PEOPLE. Every single couple I've ever shot has a special place in my heart. Very cheesy to say but 100% true. I've met the kindest, goofiest, coolest, most humble + thoughtful people through wedding photography. I'm so so thankful to know and love all of my couples (+ their friends and family).

“There are so many moments where it's literally just me + the bride or me + the groom. I consider it a serious honor to be in those moments. I want my couples to walk away from me feeling a little more encouraged, a little more loved and a little more confident!”

How can our readers reach you?

Holla through Insta @camera_shi or my website

The Details that Make Your day Special

Alli Koch Designs by Alli Koch


How did you get started?

I started my business 6 years ago creating lettering gifts for my friends and family. I loved creating but felt like I needed to start making big bucks to be seen as a business vs a hobbyist. That is when I

started getting into the wedding industry creating invitations and signage.

What do you like about your job?

I love being able to connect with so many people. Hearing how I was able to build confidence in them is what keeps me going!

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs who are just getting started/want to get started in business ownership?

Just start!!! Falling into the land of "what ifs" is hard and can crimple your dreams. Having a good support system around you helps tremendously to help get you out of the "what ifs."

How can our readers reach you?


Picolé Pop by Melissa Lara (co-owner)


What made you start your business?

Firmly believing that the ice cream industry needed a fun and innovative concept of a frozen treat. Especially living in Texas, the summer heat makes you want to be inside the refrigerator to cool down so nothing sounds more refreshing than a natural refreshing popsicle not to mention the alcohol infused 🤪

“Every time a customer leaves saying our popsicle is the best one they have had, gives me a greater motivation to continue exploring even more unique and tasty flavors to bring to our menu. Our priority is to have the best quality ingredients and unique flavors.”

Wedding trends for 2021/2022?

I would say maybe during the cocktail hour. I feel like people are moving away from the traditional and coming up with newer and fun things to offer :)

How can our readers reach you?

They can follow us through our social media @picolepop as well as email us for any Inquiry at

We loved hearing from these entrepreneurs and getting a little bit of insight into them, their business, and their industry! Part Two and more content featuring wedding industry vendors will be coming soon!

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