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Faux Flower Bouquets

Updated: Jul 31

Will your wedding bouquet use faux flowers? We can also make you preserved wedding flower pieces!

Preserved Faux Bouquet - DBandrea
preserved faux bouquet set

Faux flowers are a great option for flowers that are not in season and help lower your wedding bouquet costs. These days some faux flowers look so realistic, they may be a great alternative to real ones!

Resin Bouquet Bookends - DBandrea
5x4 Bookends

Depending on your bouquet, we would incorporate the artificial flowers with real professionally preserved flowers!

Preserved Bouquet - DBandrea
combination faux and real preserved flowers

Whether your bouquet will be entirely artificial flowers or just a key few blooms, we can create a beautiful piece for you in both our Framed (Pressed) Pieces and our Floral Blocks!

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