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All About Greenery

Updated: Jul 31

Wedding Couple - DBandrea
Photo by Camera Shi Photography

Whether you're planning for your dream wedding in the future or an intimate backyard ceremony during Covid-19, your choice in greenery can help you create the perfect scene in which to say "I do!"

When it comes to bridal bouquets and wedding florals, we often focus on the florals themselves and don’t think much about the accompanying greenery.

However, a bouquet should not only have stunning focal florals, but also attractive greenery that complements each flower, adds texture, and creates an overall beautiful shape.

One of our brides loved greenery so much, she made it a focal point in her wedding decor. Caroline wanted to create a classic look for her late November wedding but also wanted to be careful to not have a Christmas feel. To do so she kept it simple with white roses and white ranunculus in her bridal and bridesmaids' bouquets and incorporated a wide variety of greenery throughout her wedding.

Bride With Bridesmaids - DBandrea
Photo by Camera Shi Photography

"Throughout my wedding, sprigs of ivy were everywhere as the floral decor," she said. "I loved the richness it brought to the white and gold theme of my wedding decor. I also chose a dress with a more delicate lace that I did not want to take away from, and the greenery really made my dress stand out! My bridesmaids' bouquets stood out beautifully against their gold dresses. Our dresses were very whimsical and the greenery just added the perfect fairy touch!"

With so many different types of greenery out there, we wanted to highlight some of our favorites among the popular choices and draw attention to the less popular but very unique greenery that could easily steal the bouquet spotlight!

Pressed Wedding Bouquet - DBandrea
Caroline's pressed bouquet featuring Eucalyptus and Italian Ruscus.

Italian Ruscus

Italian Ruscus is easily the most common type of greenery included in bridal bouquets because it is SO versatile. If there’s a type of greenery that is “tried and true,” this is definitely it. You can’t go wrong with its rich color. Although it makes for a beautiful bouquet, you shouldn’t stop there! Italian Ruscus is known to have a long life and will look fresh in your centerpieces, garlands, and flower crowns as well. Eucalyptus

There are so many different types of eucalyptus and we are sure there is a type you’ll want to include in your bouquet even if it’s just to break off a piece to breathe in and calm your wedding day jitters. One of our favorites is True Blue Eucalyptus because it has some of the most potent aromas and we love the shape it creates in bridal bouquets. Both seeded and willow eucalyptus are also very popular and are often used to create dramatic cascading bouquets. To create a full bouquet, try adding silver dollar eucalyptus and don’t be afraid to combine multiple types of eucalyptus. The aroma is totally worth it!

Monstera Leaves

These large tropical leaves are available year-round and are perfect for large, show-stopping bouquets. Glossy Monstera leaves offer a unique look that complements exotic flowers like birds beak and king protea. They have an extended cut life of about 1-3 weeks.

Pampas Grass

Pampas grass has been trending for some time now and for good reason. These soft neutral plumes pair well with just about any color scheme and add gorgeous texture. Fresh pampas grass is available between July and August however, you can find dried pampas grass year-round. Dried pampas grass can last up to three years!

Dusty Miller

Their velvet texture alone is the reason why dusty millers will never go out of style. Their frosted look makes them the perfect addition to a Winter bouquet; however, if you’ve fallen in love with this delicate leaf, it’s our pleasure to tell you that dusty millers are popular year-round because they can seamlessly fit into bouquets in every season! Try them with peonies and garden roses for a romantic garden bouquet in the Spring.

Leyland Cedar

Another type of greenery that is abundant in fragrance is Leyland Cedar. We are so in love with its aroma! You can add Leyland Cedar to the list of greenery that goes beyond the bouquet. As a bold statement on its own, you can use it as an effortless table runner. Pair it with large chrysanthemums, dahlias, and a variety of berries.

Speaking of berries.. these are some of our favorites! Privett Berries

Privett berries are available as early as June when you’ll find them green. They’ll darken and turn blue and purple in the Fall. These berries pair exceptionally well with anemones, dusty miller leaves, and a variety of roses.

Pepper Berries

These often red and pink berries are popular in Fall and Winter weddings as holiday accents. We love the texture created by the clusters and although they are not easy to press, they look stunning as part of a pressed bridal piece. If you are a fan of the cascading bridal bouquet you’ll want to keep pepper berries in mind as they can be arranged to fall gracefully.


Last but not least, Hypericum berries are some of our favorites to work with. They’re available in several different colors including red, green, pink, orange, and white. Regardless of your color scheme, there is likely a hypericum berry that will fit into your bouquet. When cared for properly, hypericum can last between 7-10 days. Multiple berries grow on each stem and we love these lush berries because of the natural way that they add balance to the bouquet.

We know there are MANY more types of greenery that would add a unique touch to your florals. Did your favorite type of greenery make our list? If not, share it with us in the comments below!

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