We understand the sentimental value that your wedding bouquet holds, and our team is committed to creating stunning keepsakes that will stand the test of time. When it comes to bouquet preservation cost, we offer transparent pricing options tailored to fit various budgets.

How much does it cost to preserve your wedding bouquet?

We are frequently asked about the average price for floral preservation. Our pricing starts at only 1.9% of the average wedding cost in the United States, yet, it’s one of the very few things you’ll see every day from your wedding day! Instead of simply investing in wedding flowers that only last a day, floral preservation gives brides the opportunity to create a keepsake that will last forever.

Our pressed bouquet preservation cost starts at $549.99 and goes up to $4,874.99 for our largest piece. You can see all of our pressed options here! Every piece includes meticulous preservation, restoration, and artful arrangement of each bloom. Our Proprietary Flower Beautification Process™ (aka Flower Restoration™) has over 200 steps and ensures that your preserved wedding bouquet lasts a lifetime.

For brides who prefer a Floral Block, our resin bouquet preservation cost starts at $549.99 and offers a variety of sizes and shapes. You can see our Floral Block options here! We use state-of-the ART resins with UV Inhibitors, and our Floral Blocks have minimal bubbles. We painstakingly remove every bubble we can to give you the highest quality preservation possible.

dbandrea™ offers competitive pricing and outstanding quality so your investment in wedding flowers can be enjoyed long after the wedding day!