In regard to Francesca's Element

The purpose of this message is to educate anyone who is curious about the incorrect rumors that are going around about my company's potential involvement in the demise of Francesca's Element, a bouquet preservation company. Per an email that's been circulated online, Francesca's Element abruptly ceased operations and approximately 400 customers have been left in limbo. 

Over the course of my career at Designs By Andrea, I’ve worked with thousands of brides to preserve memories from their most precious day. I know how important it is and how valuable their wedding bouquets are to them. As I’ve read the many social media posts and DMs about the brides’ fears and concerns, I’ve felt each one. I want you to know that if there was anything I could do to minimize the concern or anxiety, I would do it. 

That said, there are a lot of rumors and inaccurate information floating around that I need to clarify: 

1. There is nothing in my ongoing litigation with Francesca Mackey that prevents her from completing her contracted work with brides or returning the bouquets that brides have given her.

2. My litigation with Francesca should not impact her ability to continue to do business. We have a disagreement about very specific items, but nothing in our ongoing lawsuit prevented her from doing business or should have created insurmountable costs. I always hoped we would find a way to reach an agreement. I want all small businesses, especially those owned by women, to succeed.

3. At Designs By Andrea, we utilize a proprietary process to preserve bridal bouquets and have contracts to protect our proprietary information. My litigation with Francesca involved her contract and protecting our proprietary process.

4. Despite that litigation, which is ongoing, Francesca continued with business, and nothing of which I am aware prevents her from returning bouquets to brides.
It should be known that per publicly available court case information (link below), that another lawsuit from another party is most likely the primary cause of Francesca ceasing operations.

For more than 5 years, I have made a business out of preserving the important memories for brides all over the United States –  and I feel for every bride who is impacted by this. 

 Again, I want to emphasize that my heart goes out to the anxious brides who now sit in limbo. I know how important these bouquets and memorabilia are, and at Designs By Andrea, we treat each one as the one-of-a-kind treasure that they are.

Andrea Castaneda